Friday, May 2, 2014

The Pros and Cons of List Making

I’m a fairly organized person. And by fairly, I mean extremely. I have color coding systems for all my classes and I make every effort to be as organized as possible.

My planner, for example, is just one form of the many “To-Do Lists” that I create. In addition to my planner, I have a plethora of sticky notes (currently, I have in the upwards of 15) hanging off my desk that tell me what I need to do and what is due when.

Photo I took of the pens that I use to
color code my classes.
But, for someone like me, that’s just not enough. I also have the sticky note program on my computer, and right now, I have 9 virtual sticky notes on my desktop. And believe it or not, I have other places I create lists too.

So, what’s the benefit of all these lists? After all, with all the different lists I make, it's bound to be repetitive.

One would think that at a certain point, too many lists begin to be confusing. But not for me. Lists keep me focused and organized. After I make a list, I get a sense of satisfaction when it comes time to cross something off – even if it’s as simple as, “Charge phone” (which yes, sadly, this occasionally does make it onto my lists during really busy weeks).

If I didn’t make all these lists, I’m afraid I would lose track of my work and time. If I have a constant reminder of what is due, then I feel like I’m more likely to remember that I have it. Forgetting about an assignment is a huge fear of mine, and with seven papers, six projects, two exams, and a lot of reading between now and the end of the semester, I’m afraid to know where I’d be without all of these reminders.

Taking 18 credit hours is a lot, so organizational skills are essential, and I believe that I’ve mastered the art.

However, such organization does have its drawbacks, but what system doesn’t?

Making lists takes up time, sometimes too much. The time I waste making lists, I usually make up for with an abundance of productivity later on, so it's a trade off.

Sometimes, I get off track with my lists, because I do have so many, which usually makes me take a step back and rearrange them. Which again, takes up more time.

While my list making may be a little fanatical, I’m dedicated to it, as it is a system that I’ve found to be worth my time. So off I go to make yet another list…

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