Friday, May 6, 2016

Keep on Going

On the left is a photo of me on my first day of class at Miami,
and on the right is a photo of me after I got out of my
last class at Miami today.
In August 2012, I began my college career at Miami as an Early Childhood Education major. The first class I had on campus was ENG 111 (Composition and Rhetoric), and we had to go around the room and talk about what we had eaten for breakfast. I ate a banana that day.

Today, I finished my last undergraduate class at Miami as an Integrated English and Language Arts Education major with minors in Writing & Rhetoric, Linguistics, and English Literature. My last class was ENG 293 (Contemporary American Fiction), and I’m glad to say that I didn’t have to talk about what I had for breakfast today (if you must know, I had cookies), but instead, we discussed graphic novels.

I find it fitting that English classes serve as the bookends of my career here at Miami.

Between my first class in 2012 and my last class in 2016, a lot has changed. I’ve grown in more ways than I would have imagined, and I’ve truly learned so much – both inside the classroom and out.

The past four years have not always been easy, and sometimes, giving up seemed like the right choice, but I am so glad that I stuck with it.  I won’t lie. College isn’t always easy, but it’s worth sticking to the course. Keep your goals in mind, and keep chasing them. Every obstacle presents an opportunity for learning, and you’ll come out stronger and tougher than before.

As my four years draw to a close, I look back at each of the experiences that pushed me to my breaking point, and I have to say that in hindsight, I am grateful for each experience because they shaped me into who I am. If I hadn’t encountered so many challenging experiences, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

In many ways, the past four years have pushed me out of my comfort zone, but without those opportunities to learn and grow, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I know, I know. This post is full of clich├ęs, but they honestly ring true. I know that I didn’t believe everyone when they said college would fly by, but it’s true.

Keep your goals in sight, and keep on going, because in the end, it will be worth it.

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